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comment something on this journal and I'll say...

(you don't have to name a specific number, I'm going to do the whole list anyways XD)

1. What animal/creature you remind me of:
2. What color I think fits you: 
3. How I feel about you: 
4. Insult you: 
5. My favorite O.C of yours: 
6. What season you remind me of: 
7. Tell you what food you smell like in my head: 
8. A song you remind me of: 
9. Think of a random nickname for you: 
10. What element you remind me of: 
11. I'll tell you to put this in your journal without using the word 'tag':

:iconsyrup-fox: made me do this. :3
Squabble on the Desert by Skr7
Squabble on the Desert
Art 8 
Squabble!! Two of your teammates are fighting, draw them dealing with it
The Sandgems were now in the desert, and it was Adya's driving shift. But the heat was taking its toll on the rest of the team. Particularly, Dushan and Carol. The two were fighting a lot, and it almost lead to a full-on fight. Charles eventually heard all of the yelling, and came to help sort things out. Turns out they didn't even know what they were yelling about.......
Adya (offscreen) belongs to me.
Charles (offscreen) belongs to :iconwingedshewolf:
Dushan belongs to :iconfirefly1332:
Carol belongs to :iconsyrup-fox:

((+2 gifts))
Monster on the Plains! by Skr7
Monster on the Plains!
Art 3
Dramatic fight between a land/sea monster! Draw some of the team fighting it
The journey was going as planned, and the Sandgems were still in the plains. The driver and captain, Adya, spotted a large boulder and went around it. As she did, the boulder began to move. It was a monster! And a hostile one at that. Dunshan, Charles, and Adya emerged at once and began to attack. Carol, the medic, stayed behind. After a while, the beast seemed to be losing its power. Dunshan did great damage to the monster's face and body with his large horns. Charles took a tactical approach, striking and biting the weak points. And Adya unleashed many aerial attacks.
Adya belongs to me.
Charles belongs to :iconwingedshewolf:
Dunshan belongs to :iconfirefly1332:
Carol (offscreen) belongs to :iconsyrup-fox:

((+1 art    +2 gifts
Unlocked: Feline Tail))
Vroom Vroom! Sandgems! by Skr7
Vroom Vroom! Sandgems!
Here's the Sandgem's vessel! Yep. It's a trailer. It's bigger than it looks, I promise. XD
Adya belongs to me.
Charles belongs to :iconwingedshewolf:
Carol belongs to :iconsyrup-fox:
Dunshan belongs to :iconfirefly1332:

((+1 art    +3 gifts))
First Time On The Internet Be Like.... by Skr7
First Time On The Internet Be Like....
Browse all the websites.....

Watch all the videos......

Post all the comments.....

((+1 art))
Companion Gifts (Rainbow) by Skr7
Companion Gifts (Rainbow)
Here are more companion gifts! With rainbow flowers, because I felt like it.

Bot belongs to :iconevoloonbot:

Wicker belongs to :iconglasswhistle:

Mud belongs to :iconxxshadow-pathxx:

Prism belongs to :iconozawells:

Maple belongs to :iconlastradiance:

Adya belongs to me.

((+5 gifts    +1 art
10/50 gifts))
My Balance by Skr7
My Balance
Looks like Adya is balancing my..... balance. Point balance, to be exact.


((+1 art))
Species-ify Yourself Meme by Skr7
Species-ify Yourself Meme
Lookie, lookie! I filled out my own meme!
Skyriians are basically bipedal canine-dragon hybrids. Because I own a dog and I like dragons. 'Nuff said.
Here's the blank version! ->…
Made by me. :3
Species-ify Yourself Meme (Blank) by Skr7
Species-ify Yourself Meme (Blank)
I was bored, so this happened. XD
Feel free to use this yourself! Put a link to this and my icon in the description.
Adya's Facial Expressions by Skr7
Adya's Facial Expressions
Here's a reference for what Adya looks like when she experiences different emotions. Except when she's drunk. You got "embarrassed" instead.

((+4 art))
Sleek Leaf by Skr7
Sleek Leaf
Here's a Pokemon OC!!

Name: Sleek Leaf (Also goes by "Leaf" and "SL")
Gender: Female
Species: Snivy
Ability: Contrary
Moveset: Leaf Storm, Leaf Blade, Aqua Tail, Iron Tail
Personality: Slightly mischievous and playful, Sleek likes having fun and causing trouble. She also has a more serious side, but that is only when her close friends are in danger. She's very protective of her friends. SL can also be very wild, almost to an animalistic and crazed extent. Sleek is also a very good liar, and can deceive others quite easily.
Likes: Battling, adventures, exploring, Oran berries, sharp things, causing trouble.
Dislikes: PINK, most articles of clothing (MOST), people who display a stuck-up attitude.

She is a bit like my AJ fox, Fuzzy Windymoon.
What makes you go "hey, this is Skr7's art!", or what's the most remarkable thing about my art style in general?
I bet someone's gonna compare Adya's hair to cotton candy. 
I can't be the only one!! XD
Companion Gifts (Fallen Down Flowers) by Skr7
Companion Gifts (Fallen Down Flowers)
Here are some gifts to get me to my Flowei Companion! Thanks to the owners of these Evoloons, for being great friends/acquaintances.
Why "Fallen Down Flowers"? Well, the flowers used here are the golden flowers and echo flowers from the game "Undertale".

Charles belongs to :iconwingedshewolf:

Clear and Clover belong to :iconkenazraventooth:

Ace belongs to :iconwolfrho:

Snowflake belongs to :iconrabidwuff: 

(( +5 gifts
5/50 gifts ))
Commander Loopyboy (Blu) by Skr7
Commander Loopyboy (Blu)
Here's another AJ OC! XD

Commander Loopyboy (also goes by Blu)
Gender: Male
Species: Monkey
Personality: Friendly and a little bit scatterbrained, Commander is an aspiring inventor. He's also a little lazy........ But he tries to help anyways!
Likes: Inventing, fireflies, sleeping, steampunk items.
Dislikes: scammers, his mild social anxiety, not being able to help.

Open mouth, insert foot.
Fuzzy Windymoon by Skr7
Fuzzy Windymoon
Here's my AJ persona(?)/OC.

Name: Fuzzy Windymoon (Fuzzy/Fuzz for short)
Gender: Female
Species: Fox
Personality: Childish and mischievous, Fuzz enjoys her magic and potion-brewing skills. She has made many potions (from genderbending to color change to species change), and can basically change her appearance at the drop of a hat (pun intended). She's a great actor, and usually uses her potions and magic to blend in or to roleplay. If she mimics your appearance, you're of interest to her. Make of that what you will. Her pranks and tricks are harmless, she has no offensive magic.
Likes: Roleplaying, using her potions, pulling pranks, psychology, bats, witchcraft/wizardry.
Dislikes: Obnoxious/"popular" jammers, braggers (even though she sometimes brags herself), people telling her to stop with her potions/magic/pranks.

Adya Reference Sheet by Skr7
Adya Reference Sheet
Name: Adya
Gender: Female
Born: 6/11/16
Diet: Omnivore
Likes: Sunlight, nature, fruit, fish, parties, peace, and looking after others.
Dislikes: Strife, arguments, sudden loud noises, cacti, grumpy evoloons, and troublemakers.

Upgrades: Teeth, accessories, metallic wings, brows, marking(s) on cheek, ears, more markings, long hair, different markings, heterochromia, feline tail

Ribbons: Approved Ribbon, 10 Art Ribbon
Art Count: 20
Gift Count: 20

((+1 art))

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